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ArtHaus Voted Best Art Gallery

ArtHaus – voted BEST ART GALLERY
In the Bay Area - 2014

ArtHaus Gallerists James Bacchi and Annette Schutz
Invite you to view two very special exhibitions.



Rotating works in various media by Gallery and Guest Artists:
Featuring: Carolyn Meyer, Riis Burwell, Maxine Solomon,
Michal Venera, Andrea Arroyo, Gioi Tran, Donna McGinnis,
Brian Blood, Carol Massa, John Wood, Suzanne Benton,
Samuel Fleming Lewis, Mirang Wonne, and Marc Lambrechts

Contemporaries Collage

Top: Carolyn Meyer, High Dive, 48”x48”, oil on canvas
Riis Burwell, Clockwork, 23”x16”x16”, bronze and patinaed bronze
Bottom:  Michal Venera, Pt. Reyes, 30”x30”, photograph
Maxine Solomon, Singing The World Into Existence, 45”x45”, oil on canvas

In The Project Gallery



Select Works: 1993-2014

Serena Bocchino Collage

Top image:  Right Away, 2000, 30”x40”, oil and graphite on vellum
Bottom image:  Skip, Jump, Twirl, 2014, 36”x48”, enamel, oil, graphite and silver leaf on canvas

SERENA BOCCHINO – featured in the Fall Issue of Artvoices Magazine

Click here: Serena Bocchino by Shana Beth Mason

Fine Art of Design

Photo: Chris Stark

ArtHaus@CouparConsulting – San Francisco Design Center

A Rotating Exhibition featuring: Greg Drasler, Jhina Alvarado,
Carolyn Meyer, Serena Bocchino, Joanne Landis, Marc Lambrechts,
Brian Blood, Riis Burwell and Pamela Merory Dernham

411 Brannan Street
(between 3rd Street and 4th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 977 0223

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